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[ profile] imaginarybeasts is up! I am excited and nervous: this time I decided to have a go at writing in one of my worlds, instead of making something up from scratch. It's a bit like seeing your kids up there on the stage. :D

City of Light - all readers welcome.
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Supposed to have my Imaginary Beasts story finished by tonight. Have obtained a couple of days' extension, but I'm trying to get the draft done tonight anyway. Write or Die is proving invaluable.

Fortunately, it has a shape in my head and it's not actually difficult to write, as such. I just keep getting assailed by the Demons Of Self-Confidence: it's my own original universe so I expect much higher standards of myself than I do in fanfic (and I'm still pretty perfectionist there). And I'm constantly gnawed at by my Irrational Fear Of Plotlessness; I keep thinking "AND THEN I HAD BETTER ADD IN A HUGE LONG PLOT ARC HERE" because I am so very afraid that people will just be bored by my characters and worlds without the addition of mysteries and things blowing up. And while this may be true in a novel, I don't think it is for a shorter story, and this one is really just supposed to be a set up for a particular world, introducing a plot concept that will one day form the backbone of a novel.

It is, for the record, Vanrillion in which I've ended up writing; I'm following Skye and Linette as they accidentally and without quite realising it cross from something approaching a normal life into something that will sweep them up and uncover all the old demons they thought they'd left behind. It's an interesting exercise in writing, for me; one of the things I worry constantly about in my original fiction is whether or not I'm putting in enough information about the setting. Fanfic allows you to shortcut this, and as a result I've developed a quite cut-down style of description - which I do like - that tries to give the reader a few pointers to the things I think are important, and leave the rest up to their imaginations. I'm curious as to whether that's going to work in original fiction. I think it can, done right, but I'm very uncertain as to the best levels of detail.

Anyway, I should stop writing about the thing and go back to actually writing it...


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