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It's taken me 24,000 words to get something I don't mind posting, but here we have SPONTANEOUS CREEPINESS WARGH.

They're in the middle of a hurricane... )
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I am wondering if perhaps I should be a little kinder to the main character of my NaNo. The original idea has his entire family dying of a plague that he mysteriously survives; he then goes off on a quest to try and find out what's up with that.

The problem with this is that he should be really goddamn traumatised if this is the case. He should not be merrily heading off into adventure. He should not be acting in a remotely normal way. He should be really, really messed up. And I'm honestly not sure I want to write that; nor do I want to take the traditional fantasy route of having him cry a few manly tears and then promptly forget about whatever tragedy precipitated his quest.

On the other hand, without that motivator, I'm not sure how to persuade him he needs to go questing. If he falls sick in a strange village, and survives, I'm pretty sure his first instinct will be to go back to said family. I'm also pretty sure they would welcome him, no matter how freaked out they were.

I suppose I could have that be the backstory for the other MC who picks him up at the start; she was originally going to be the viewpoint character anyway, so I guess it would make sense for her to retain her own trauma and for the new MC to have a different take on it. Maybe he doesn't want to take the stigma of his survival back to his family? Hmm.


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