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Sep. 7th, 2015 05:43 pm
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Sometimes I hunt stories down, and sometimes I gradually piece them together. Sometimes I dream them and fill in the gaps with waking logic. Sometimes I find one somewhere else but I wish it was a different colour, so I repaint it. Sometimes I spend a long time building an elaborate series of ramps, strapping wheels to the story, and then pushing it off the top to see what happens.

And sometimes the story rushes out of the darkness and seizes me by the throat and shakes me until I get every last word down. (And then I'm like, where did Monday go?)

All of which is to say: Episode 5 of Celestial Chronicle went up on Saturday. It was a week late, because I was on my honeymoon (I felt this was an acceptable excuse). I am hoping to get Episode 6 up this weekend to return to schedule, but I just lost my Monday to 5,000 words of angsty fanfic so I can make no promises.
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On the bus the other day I saw a girl reading a book. Which isn't particularly noteworthy. Except that it was a journal-like book with a cloth binding, and the pages were handwritten.

So it was probably her diary or notes or a novel in the works or something. Except, somehow, she gave the impression of someone reading a book - turning the pages regularly, consuming the contents as if it were narrative.

I can think of half a dozen unexciting explanations, but I'm preferring to speculate on the exciting ones. Did someone handwrite her a story, like Lewis Carroll writing for the Liddell sisters? Did she find it in a charity shop and buy it out of curiosity? Were the pages blank when she first picked it up, only to be filled with writing the next time she looked? Is it the lost diary of a relative or a missing friend? Is it somebody's vital notes on the magical ritual that will eventually save the world, and she started reading it absently on the bus only to realise that this was The Plot Device she and her companions had been looking for??

Incidentally, I'm planning to get this journal running more regularly from now on. As mentioned previously, I've been gearing up to write the stories set in Kestrien, and for various reasons, now seems to be the moment to seize.


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