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Summary: Kestrien is a world imbued with magic - except in the city of Thari, where the great Shield cocoons its inhabitants in a haven of logic and science. Jenna de'Sorres can think of nowhere she would hate to go more - but she may have no choice.

The Calm Before
1. Low Tide // Jenna
2. Cracked Glass // Alla
3. Missing Wings // Mikhal
4. Box of Secrets // Aethe
5. Spectator Sport // Kerne
6. Locks and Keys // Viridian
7. Waiting for the Rain // Rhinn
8. High Tide // Jenna

Notes: A sequence of short stories touching on the viewpoint of each of the major characters in the "City of Glass" series.
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I went back and forth for a long time on whether to include Rhinn in these stories. The actual novel is written from Jenna's viewpoint, and Rhinn is something of a mystery to start with, so I didn't want to get too deep into her head. I think I've managed it...

The Calm Before - 7. Waiting for the Rain )
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Finished the last three parts, so I might as well throw them all up here now. I'm keen to get going on the novel proper - which was half the point of writing them, so, success? :)

The Calm Before - 6. Locks and Keys )
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Interestingly, this has turned out to be less about Kerne than about the people Kerne is interacting with, but that doesn't entirely surprise me for various reasons.

(Also, my new icon is because I have a music video in my head that WILL NOT GO AWAY. It is from this universe, but from the Big Important Backstory stuff that comes in later, and thus I cannot particularly elaborate on it. Except to say that Arellia needs hugs.)

The Calm Before - 5. Spectator Sport )
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I'm having fun writing these, but the more I go on with them, the more I think they wouldn't work as the start of the story. Skimming through seven viewpoints so quickly is likely to be confusing for someone who knows nothing about the world, I think. For me, these are kind of like fanfic vignettes - I already know these characters well. I hope that reading these in isolation would make someone think "ooh, I want to know more about this" - but I don't feel like this should be the start of a novel.

The Calm Before - 4. Box of Secrets )
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Gap due to being in a field interacting with a different set of fictional characteres, but I'm hoping to get the rest of this done this week/early next. Not all parts will be as long as this, for one... my favouritism may be showing. :)

The Calm Before - 3. Missing Wings )
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I've been going back and forth on whether to post this as I write it or finish the whole thing, but it's been getting longer the more I work on it, so I'm going to start posting. This is a prequel of sorts, a series of character sketches/worldbuilding exercises to set up the first novel set in Kestrien. I'm not sure yet how it will end up fitting in - if I'll later cannibalize it for parts, or if I'll have it as the first story in the series, or what. I'm partly writing it to figure things out for myself. :)

The Calm Before - 1. Low Tide )


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