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So basically all the health stuff has continued, with a big dose of other things (including depression, hooray! I totally needed that on top of the fatigue!) With the new year I'm determined to get back onto updating Celestial Chronicle regularly. I'm also planning to try and use this journal more, to talk about writing and to connect with other people.

On that note, for the time being I've gone through my access list and taken everyone off it, because at the moment my plan for how I will use this journal does not involve friends-locking any posts. If that changes I'll want to set up the access rules from scratch again anyway. I'm not sure if people get notified when I remove access, but if so, it's not because I don't want you to see things - it's because there won't be anything to see, at least for now. :)

Also, here is an illustration I did for Celestial Chronicle, and then totally failed to really do anything with except stick it on an obscure corner of the website. You get a cookie if you recognise the blatant copying homage. :)

Sol, Luna and Kestrel on the shore of the sea under a full moon

Ep 14 delay

Sep. 6th, 2016 09:33 am
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Just a quick note to explain what's going on: for the last year I've been trying to continue working at my job despite chronic fatigue. However, even with reduced hours and a generous schedule, it's too much, and I've come to the difficult decision to quit. The temporary bad news is that the process of handing in my notice etc is taking all my energy and attention for September, so I'm going to skip updating this month. The good news, hopefully, is that I may be able to go back to updating CC every two weeks instead of monthly once I'm not working. And might be slightly more of a human being, which would be nice...
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Okay! So! You know that thing where you know you ought to tell people why you've suddenly dropped off the face of the earth, but you keep thinking "oh but I'm going to get back on track any day now so it would be silly to say anything"?

Yeah, that's how six months go past without an update to your story. Sorry!

Some context (not too personal or detailed but I guess minor content warning for discussion of chronic illness - nothing terminal!). )

I'm changing my update schedule to monthly for now, with the hope that as things continue to improve (or, like, I win the lottery and can devote all my time to writing) I will be able to get more frequent again.

I'm also going to be more upfront about any delays with posting/health issues, here and on Twitter, so keep an eye on this space.


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