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I had decided that I wouldn't be doing NaNo as such this year; the ideas I had weren't working for me, and I'm very attached to my story from last time. So I was thinking I would just dedicate November to working on The Eighth Day, with or without signing up for the site...

... the use of the past tense should be clueing you in as to where I'm going with this.

About a week ago I stumbled into a concept and a set of titles - Stormlight, Windchild, Starfrost - for a series of (I think) children's books. And having brewed for a week, yesterday the whole thing asploded and I think I may have to write Stormlight as this year's NaNo. 50,000 words is a good length. It's a trilogy in the form of three complete stories that form one complete arc. I'm not sure yet where it's going to fall on the surreal/dreamscape vs Plucky Adventurous Kids line, though the setting and concept are firmly in the former. And somehow a bunch of random concepts I've had over the past few years for stories set in Oxford have attached themselves to it, meaning I suddenly need to do an awful lot of reading in a rather short time.

I started to reach for characters and to my surprise they were already there, and oddly both taken from particularly vivid dreams. Hazel and Sebastian seem to have found a home. It's a rather breathless and exciting thought.

I think I'm going to have to actually pay attention to Lewis Carroll for a bit, too...

So yeah. o.o


Sep. 2nd, 2010 09:07 pm
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Whether I write it for NaNo or not (please no, it's a trilogy for heaven's sake, although I suppose I could make it my goal to write the first book...) Demira has all of a sudden done that thing that worlds and stories sometimes do, and made a dozen connections to draw itself into a coherent whole. I walked home from work tonight just to give myself time to think. I've suddenly got the 1000 years of history that were missing sorted out, and I now know what happened to Atalan. There is a comet. It is awesome.

Random (related) question: if you were reading a book set in a fantasy world with no connection to ours, would you find it misplaced if one of the characters were called Persephone? Or would you 'translate' it to assume it referenced some similar myth/concept in this other world?
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It's getting towards NaNo time of year again, and since this year I want to plot and outline in advance, and then hopefully end up with something with a beginning, middle, and end, I thought I'd play around with some ideas. Except that the one I thought I was going to write is just... not working for me. It was stolen from a fanfic idea I had, and very romance-heavy, and looking at it now, it's just not sparking for me. :(

And as I was sketching out concepts, my brain helpfully piped up "OH HEY we could have another go at a story from Kestrien - how about the Fall of Demira?"

And I went aaaaaarghhgarblflargh WHAT no but now the idea won't go away.


On the other hand if I had an actualy outline this time... and at least I know how it ends. (Hint: Boom.)
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It's taken me 24,000 words to get something I don't mind posting, but here we have SPONTANEOUS CREEPINESS WARGH.

They're in the middle of a hurricane... )
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I am wondering if perhaps I should be a little kinder to the main character of my NaNo. The original idea has his entire family dying of a plague that he mysteriously survives; he then goes off on a quest to try and find out what's up with that.

The problem with this is that he should be really goddamn traumatised if this is the case. He should not be merrily heading off into adventure. He should not be acting in a remotely normal way. He should be really, really messed up. And I'm honestly not sure I want to write that; nor do I want to take the traditional fantasy route of having him cry a few manly tears and then promptly forget about whatever tragedy precipitated his quest.

On the other hand, without that motivator, I'm not sure how to persuade him he needs to go questing. If he falls sick in a strange village, and survives, I'm pretty sure his first instinct will be to go back to said family. I'm also pretty sure they would welcome him, no matter how freaked out they were.

I suppose I could have that be the backstory for the other MC who picks him up at the start; she was originally going to be the viewpoint character anyway, so I guess it would make sense for her to retain her own trauma and for the new MC to have a different take on it. Maybe he doesn't want to take the stigma of his survival back to his family? Hmm.
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It comes of being horribly spoiled with readers over on Livejournal, I suspect. However, in furtherance of my attempts to separate church and state online/public/fandom life from private life, I shall start updating here again.

Current excitement is NaNo! I have ideas, I have characters, and I don't know whether to try and hold off and write without an outline, or to have a go at plotting it out this year. At any rate, I've got PLAGUE in it, which is always a lot of fun.

I've also been reading a lot of (published) fantasy - I seem to have finally got over the disenchantment that drove me away from professional fiction and into the realms of fanfic when I was a teenager. I'm thinking about writing reviews, or recs, or trying some kind of specialist listing - books with canon slash, or interesting gender themes, or Absolutely No Romance (for when you are sick of wondering which of the female characters is going to be forced into the role of Obligatory Love Interest)... not sure yet.


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