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I am currently experimenting with diet drinks to try and train myself to adjust to the taste of sweeteners. Verdict so far:

1. Coke Zero: okay while you're drinking it, tastes like real Coke, but leaves a noticeable aftertaste.

2. Diet Pepsi: tastes quite a lot like real Pepsi (which I prefer to Coke), but the sweeteners are pretty noticeable while you're drinking it, though there's no aftertaste problem.

3. Diet Coke: WTF this is easily the most drinkable of them so far. o.o Doesn't taste like real Coke, but that's okay since real Coke isn't my preference anyway, and the sweeteners aren't noticeable while drinking or afterwards as more than a brief backtaste. Am I just getting used to them?

4. Pepsi Max: will not try this except in utmost extremity as my experience of it in the past has been that it is undrinkable filth.

Other discoveries: diet tonic water is interchangeable with real, because the backtaste of the tonic itself masks the sweeteners. Fruit juice is FULL OF SUGAR WTF woez.

... I am still boggled by the Diet Coke thing, I thought it was going to be disgusting.
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Well, hello there, internets.

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing with this yet. I do have a livejournal, but I'm not going to link to it here (and I will not be linking to this journal from my LJ, though if you know me from over there, feel free to say hello over here as well). My livejournal has ended up rather a mish-mash of things from various parts of my life, and I'm not always happy with the collisions.

This journal, specifically, is geared towards my original writing, online discussion of writing, meta topics, bits of journalism, and possibly the odd craft project. My intent is to try and write more frequently in it, and for what I write to be more than just a personal chronicle. I'm intending it as a "public" place, by which I mostly mean that I would like not to be hideously embarrassed by its contents* if I should suddenly become a Famous Author with fans looking me up on the internet.

... we'll see how long that lasts, shall we?

* This does not mean there will be no porn.


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