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I am so happy that it's raining. Because a rainy bank holiday Monday is absolutely the perfect time to start work on a craft project. Seriously, it's what they were designed for. I was going to do it anyway, but a little part of my soul is warmed by the prospect of mucking around with paint and glue while the rain patters gently on the windows.

Yesterday I dragged Liz to a miniatures craft fair in Abingdon, which was filled with teeny tiny marvellous things that made me happy, and I was very restrained and bought only some wallpaper and a chimney pot (though, as it turns out, I should have bought two chimney pots. I didn't understand how chimney pots worked until Liz explained it to me. Woe.) and didn't spend £50+ on exquisite Oriental lacquered cabinets even though I wanted to. So now I have visions of awesome things dancing through my head, and I am going to have a lot of fun attempting to make most of them myself. I have also acquired a set of gorgeous, tiny, intricate watch parts from Ebay; some of the cogs are so tiny they're unbelievable. Even if I didn't have a project in mind, they'd make me happy, and the thought of turning them into various miniature steampunk accessories (orreries and telescopes are my current favourites) is filling me with glee.

For now, though, it's white paint all the way. And possibly some cardboard roof tiles if I am feeling adventurous.

Some photos of the kit, dry-assembled - no glue or screws so far. )


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