Nov. 29th, 2014

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Okay, let's try this again! I took down the previous version of the first chapter of this story. Then I renamed the story. Then I chopped the end off the previous version and wrote a second chapter instead. And now I am posting those two chapters. This first one is much the same as the original draft, it just stops a few lines before the end of one scene. The second one is totally different. Now with bonus Luna cameo!

Celestial Chronicle - E01: The Spark )
brightwanderer: Guardian Sol from Celestial Chronicle (Guardian Sol)
Second part. Very different. Slowed things down a lot, and then in some ways, sped them right up.

Celestial Chronicle - E02: The Flame )

Also, I made a cover. I may post that too.
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So this is what I meant by cheating my way to illustrating things:

Celestial Chronicle (series cover) by Atalan on deviantART

I created models in Daz3D, posed them with expressions etc, and then rendered it and pulled the bitmap over into Inkscape. From there I could part-trace, part-draw in anime style. (New icons are from another picture of all five guardians that I'm not quite ready to put up yet.) I really like how it's come out, though I'm going to have to stop always making Luna look bemused...


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